July 30, 2014

Amazing Talent

Circle craft fair in Coal harbour was a great long weekend with many talented crafters and artists. There is so much talent out there, a very down to earth bunch of people who create what they believe in. Of course a lot of jewelry, but we are all different.

My first appreciation goes to a pottery artist from Vancouver Island, Cathi Jefferson Pottery. I admired her work for many years and it happened that her booth was next to mine. Her work is salt fired to cone 10 and she draws delicate flowers on her ware.

the very talented Cathi Jefferson

the very talented Cathi Jefferson

beautiful salt fired pottery

her beautiful work

my new tea/winecups

my new tea/winecups

Carnelian for Leo

The semi precious birthstone for leo (July 23-August 23) is Carnelian. It is associated with the solar plexus and fills you with confidence and courage. Carnelian removes doubt and and despair and reminds you of your inner strengths. It is also a stone you wear when you want to get noticed.

carnelian necklace

carnelian necklace

carnelian earrings

carnelian earrings

carnelian cluster necklace

long cluster necklace


Complimenting jewelry

It is always a feast for the eye when somebody wears complimenting jewelry, it makes an outfit whole and the person look well put together. Below a few examples.


Blue Kyanite with front toggle clasp

blue Kyanite with front closure


wrapped silver pearls on 32 inch chain

wrapped silver pearls on 32 inch chain


black/pewter baroque pearls

black/pewter baroque pearls

Artwalk in Whistler July1. - August 31.

The opening evening of the Artwalk in Whistler is always a great community affair. People get out and admire the many displays of talented artists. Local restaurants and shops display visual pieces and most of them are for sale. My creations are featured in Ruby Tuesday.

glamour pearls, bridal piece

Glamour set, fit for a bride

diver chain and silver pearls , compliments every outfit

versatile silver pearls and chain 36 inches

long 3 pearl earrings silver

The Sign of Cancer , June 22-July 22

perfect white pearls

Today is the start of the cancer sign. Its precious stone is moonstone and the semiprecious is pearl.


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ceramic golf bag with 3 pearls necklace     simple 3 pearl necklace

Women need to look elegant and put together on a golf course. 

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Why is one drawn to visit Europe?

It has so much history and is so old , Architecture young and old is amazing. The way they built this massive palaces and churches is mind boggling, especially when you count the fact that they did not have cranes and power lifts. There they have old buildings to admire, here we have old trees and nature. We should really value our nature because once its gone it cannot be replaced.


Parlament Building in Budapest

budapest castle

Budapest Castle

I dock in Amsterdam

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